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Situated along the southern coast of France, the province of Normandy is bordered by the English Channel, Brittany to the west and Picardy to the east. Because of the fact that the region is also comprised of the Channel Islands, Normandy has been considered as one of the few territories which France and England share sovereignty over. Normandy was the part of ancient Gaul and remained Roman province in 27 BC.

Normandy prides itself of its breathtaking beauty and natural splendor. The lush, sprawling pastures and clear waters make any traveler visiting Normandy feel as if they have traveled to a place where time stood still. It is no wonder then that the different areas over here have been the subject of some of the most prestigious painters such as Claude Monet as well as the source of inspiration of some of the notable literary masters such as Guy de Maupassant.

While most of the regions in France have been known for their vineyards, the region of Normandy is known all over the country for the sumptuous seafood caught fresh everyday from the waters surrounding the region. In fact, Normandy has been considered as the premiere section for the cultivation and farming of oysters, scallops and mussels. The numerous apple orchards found within the region have contributed in making Normandy as one of the major cider producing regions in all of France. Also the production of apple brandy has made this place popular. Apple brandy is a must to try, especially if you have come here for the first time.
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