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Top 2 Attractions in Normandy

Popular Normandy landmarks and tourist spots

  • Mont Saint-Michel thumbnail
    Mont St-Michel in France
    Mont Saint-Michel, France, as seen from afar, is mystical, imposing, and magical. It stands majestic as it gazes down from its lofty heights. It stands in the bay that is daily assaulted by the highest tides in Europe. Seated from its lofty height, it provides you with magnificent panoramas of the Bretagne and Normandy coastline ...

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  • The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France, with its gentle sand dunes and coves, lay witness to one of history's greatest moments during wartime. This is where 100,000 soldiers lost their lives in a bid to secure and liberate this section of Europe from the rule of the Germans. The coastline was a strategic line of defense, one that the Allied troops tried to breach and one the German forces tried to defend at all costs ...

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