The Massif des Calanques offer a unique experience. This geological formation shaped like fingers mark the rocky coastline between Marseille and Cassis in Provence. Hiking, going on trails, diving, swimming and rock-climbing are just some of the sports that are yours to enjoy as you get a load of the Calanques. The rugged terrain beckons with its unique geological beauty. The towering peaks of white limestone are indeed an unforgettable sight to behold. Its beauty has made this one of France's most beautiful natural wonders. Calanques are finger-like rocks that were formed over time, as rivers flowed into the sea. The ebb and flow of the waters caused the formation of steep coastal valleys and inlets. These form long and narrow inlets with small beaches at its fringes. The limestone walls provide an amazing counterpoint to the sandy beach and the turquoise waters. The Massif des Calanques spans around 20 kilometers and covers a width of 4 kilometers. It spans the coast between Cassis and Marseille. The whole group includes the Calanque d'En-Vau, Calanque de Port-Pin, Calanque de Sormiou, Calanque de Sugiton and Calanque de Morgiou. Among the biggest of these is Calanque de Sormiou, which is an excellent spot to go rock-climbing. Small fishing cottages dot the coast. Mind you, these are original cottages of fishermen, but are now available for rent. You will also find that Calanque de Sormiou boasts of great fishing grounds – where you can try to get hold of the giant tuna. Calanque de Sugiton is famous to hikers, who can easily reach this calanque on foot. The diligent ones are rewarded with a dip at a small beach to be found at the calanque's edge. Meanwhile, Calanque de Morgiou is known for an underwater cave called the Cosquer Cave. The prehistoric engravings and paintings in the cave are among the oldest in the world. Here, you can find images of penguins, seals, ibex, and horses etched on the walls. You should also know that even the cliffs that form the Calanque de Morgiou are believed to date back to the time when dinosaurs called the earth their home. There are also small inlets that are great for swimming. Calanque Port Pin is magnificent, as there are pines that jut out of the limestone cliffs at unique angles. It is also covered with scrub, making it a small, green Eden that surprises as well as refreshes the traveler. Dubbed as the 'finger of God' by avid climbers, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful of the calanques in this side of the earth. Climb to the top of the soaring limestone cliffs and be rewarded with spectacular views of the coastline. Cap Canaille and Corniche des Cretes are famous vantage points that hikers have aimed to visit. There are pre-marked trails that will make it easy for you to know the next step. The cliffs in the calanques make for great rock climbing experiences. Actually, these are used as training grounds for beginning rock climbers. But experts will also have a fun time as well. Come and visit the Calanques in Provence for a one-of-a-kind experience!