A 26 centuries old port, France’s oldest city, and influenced by its neighbor North Africa, Marseille is the place where Europe mingles with Africa – where tradition coexists happily with modernity. The city is the capital department of Bouches du Rhone. It is located in South France near Mediterranean Sea and almost 2/3rd of the department is covered by it.

The main industries here are petroleum refining, metal working, chemical manufacturing and ship building.

The most famous attraction is the Notre Dame de la Garde. It is a 19th century Basilica overlooking the city. Fishermen take their boats to the church to be blessed. One can still see a couple of boats hanging around the basilica. The hustle and bustle of Vieux Port, Marseille's oldest port, is pleasant to watch. A walk across La Corniche provides beautiful vistas of the sea. For football fans, there is the Stade Velodrome. Marseille boasts of Zinedine Zidane being born here. There is also Château d'If, a 16th century villa, located on a small island off Marseilles. It was built with the purpose of protecting the city but later became legendary for holding the Count of Monte Cristo as prisoner. You can also visit the Vielle Charite, an old building which currently holds exhibitions, right between the old quarters of the city called Le Panier.

Marseille attracts tourists all round the year. Spring and fall seasons are considered to be more pleasant. Marseille has a large North African community.

The city is connected with other European cities with an international airport and a network of highways and trains.

  • Le Vieux Port (Old Marseille Port)

  • Château d'If (If Castle)

  • Canebière Street

  • Cantini Museum

  • St, Victor Basilica

  • Musée Grobet-Labadie (Grobet-Labadie Museum)

  • Cathedral de la Major (De La Major Cathedral)

  • Palais du Phare (Pharo Palace and Garden)

  • Vestige Garden

  • Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica

  • Quartier Le Panier (Neighbourhood)

  • Musée d'Histoire Naturelle (Natural History Museum)

  • Musée de la Faïence ( Faïence Museum)

  • And More...