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Top 3 Attractions in Marseille

Popular Marseille sights and tourist spots

  • Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde (or Our Lady of the Guard Basilica) stands as one of the highest points in the city of Marseille, France. And rightly so, as she is considered to be La Bonne Mere - "Our Good Mother" - who benevolently guards the people of Marseilles. At 154 meters, it seems that she is doing her job quite well. The statue, as well as the Basilica, is a well-loved landmark.

    The magnificent Basilica never fails to shock and move you ...

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  • Marseille, France boasts of awe-inspiring monuments, chief of which is the Abbaye Saint-Victor in Rue de l'Abbaye. This utterly beguiling abbey harks back to the 5th century and was built above the grounds where Saint Victor was buried.

    This fortified abbey stands just above the Vieux-Port's bank, on its southern side. The view of the ancient building makes an interesting counterpoint with the sleek and modern yachts below, at the dry dock ...

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