Positioned at the most northerly point on the Danube River where it meets the Naab and Regen Rivers, the imperial city of Regensburg is renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage-listed medieval center and churches dating back to the 13th century. It is the fourth largest city in Bavaria and serves as the main hub of Eastern Bavaria, as well as being the capital of Upper Palatinate.

The twin spires of the 13th-century Regensburg Cathedral dominate the town and stand as a striking example of pure German Gothic, with the famous Regensburger Domspatzen the official choir here. A chapel dating back to the 8th century nestles in the interior, together with beautiful stained glass windows and religious masterpieces that include a renowned work by Peter Vischer.

Another church not to miss is the Romanesque basilica of Schottenkirche, which is noted for the grotesque carvings above its main entrance, as well as the 13th-century Church of St. Ulrich. Be sure to wander amidst the ornate cloisters of St. Emmeram’s Benedictine Monastery, which is one of the oldest of its kind in Germany, and glimpse what a 17th-century pharmacy would have looked like at the Adler-Apotheke.

Be sure to stroll along the historic Stone Bridge that was built over the Danube in the 12th century and is considered a masterpiece of medieval engineering. The Bridge Tower Museum is housed within the last of its three remaining towers and the famous Sausage Kitchen lies adjacent, having served its sausages here since the bridge was built.