Experience Bremen’s history brought to life at the award-winning Bremer Geschichtenhaus, a “living” museum in Schnoor where historical events are vividly conveyed by costumed actors. What’s particularly unique about this museum is that all of the actors are long-term unemployed, with the project designed to help them find stable work and a new self-confidence.

The Bremen Story House immerses you in historical settings from the mid-17th century right through to the 20th century, with the actors sharing their knowledge and skills in different areas. It’s situated within the St. Jakobus-Packhaus, one of the oldest surviving warehouses in Bremen. The warehouse was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1660, with redevelopments taking place throughout the 19th century and at the end of World War II before being heritage listed in 1973.

You’ll be welcomed by a city guard who once patrolled the streets and taverns of Bremen, breaking up fights and extinguishing fires when necessary. Then learn about the sealing of Imperial immediacy by the Holy Roman Empire through the issuing of the Linz Diploma in 1646. Lively narration details the 1656 fire in the Bremen Cathedral and the plague that occurred around the same time before you’re invited to board a 16th-century Dutch cargo ship.

Sample freshly brewed Prüttkaffee in the grocery store and learn how cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate. Then get a first-hand glimpse of life in a merchant’s office around 1910 and embark on a tour through the history of Bremen’s overseas ports.