Explore the nature, culture and trade history of overseas regions at the Übersee-Museum Bremen, an ethnographic “Overseas Museum”. It boasts outstanding collections relating to the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania, as well as an exhibition exploring the effects of globalization.

The Übersee-Museum Bremen is located within a heritage-listed building adjacent to the Bremen Central Station, with its collection established as the “Municipal Collections of Natural History and Ethnography” back in 1875. Around 100 years ago the museum presented “The World Under One Roof” exhibition and continues to set the European standard for modern and engaging ethnographic presentations today.

Discover the people and places that make up North and South America through displays that explore politics, economics and culture in the 20th century. Learn about the waves of immigrants who have shaped America since the 15th century, with eight video portraits expressing their hopes for the future.

Explore how the cultures of the West have been influenced by events in Asia, which is deeply rooted in tradition while embracing modernity. There are fascinating exhibits focusing on the Silk Road and Bollywood, as well as the rise of the Megacity and masks and costumes from a diverse range of Asian theatrical styles.

Delve into the diversity of Africa, from the pulsing metropolis of Nairobi to the continent’s lucrative resources that have led to an eventful history. Then travel to the South Seas to experience the biodiversity of Oceania’s coral reefs, ancient trade routes and traditional customs that are still thriving today.