Situated near the University of Bremen, the Universum Science Center is one of the city’s newest attractions. It covers more than 4,000 square meters and is packed with interactive exhibits related to humans, technology and nature, offering an engaging and hands-on experience.

The Universum Science Center's architecturally impressive building is a work of art in itself, appearing like a partially-opened mussel or a whale (depending on your perspective). It was designed by local Bremen architect, Thomas Klumpp, and is constructed from more than 40,000 stainless steel scales.

Inside are more than 300 exhibits designed to help visitors experience and understand scientific phenomena with all their senses. Experience the kinetic machine of the Ball Roller Coaster and observe flashes in detail with the Lightning Machine, then create digital music using analog objects on the Composing Table.

Discover how far we are from creating artificial humans and learn about facial expression recognition, then put your friends and family to the test with the Lie Detector. Experience the San Francisco quake of 1906 on the Earthquake Sofa, see how the Tree of Life grows and learn about weather zones, climate and ocean currents around the globe.

One of the most recent additions to the Universum Science Center is EntdeckerPark, a large outdoor area that features a range of hands-on exhibits and the 27-meter-tall Turm der Lüfte, which boasts magnificent views from the top of its tower. Also opened in 2007 is the additional exhibition space of the SchauBox, a cubic structure distinguished by its rust-red exterior.