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Garden of the Senses

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Located on Kreuzberg Hill in the charming town of Merzig (near where Germany, France and Luxembourg meet), the Garden of the Senses is a leafy oasis designed around 11 themed gardens that are divided into hedge-lined sections. It’s been created to ignite all of the senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste - through carefully thought out plant and flower selections.

Visitors are greeted by a geometric, modern-art sculpture at the entrance to the garden that is themed around the element of water, which is vitally important for the garden to thrive. Step into the Garden of Sounds where you can create your own music or listen to different objects resonating in the wind, then experience the huge diversity of hues on display in the Garden of Colors.

The largest of the gardens is the Gravel Garden, which is planted with a range of rare and sun-loving herbaceous perennials that flourish in the unique microcli-mate that has been created. Traveling with kids? They’ll be in their element in the Touch Garden where visitors are invited to touch the plants and experience tex-tures ranging from soft grasses to sharp pine needles.

The Garden of the Senses also features a Rose Garden that’s enhanced by the wafting fragrance of potpourri, together with a small amphitheater where a range of different cultural and culinary events are presented throughout the year. After exploring the themed gardens and igniting your senses, take time to relax in the onsite garden cafe or delve into the Green Creative World of Learning that’s de-signed to inspire horticultural minds. 

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