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Situated on the southern part of Greece, the region of Attica is a peninsula that opens up to the Aegean Sea. Along with the capital city of Athens, the Attica Peninsula is comprised of three other cities: Piraeus, East Attica and West Attica. Because of its location, the climate in the Attica Peninsula is very typical of any Mediterranean town or city with its hot, dry summers and minimal rainfall.

Needless to say, the Attica Peninsula is perhaps one of the top tourist destinations in all of Greece. The city of Athens had long been known throughout history as its cultural capital during the ancient times. Everywhere you go, you are sure to find different monuments and relics dating back to the glory days of Greece. One of the most visited sites is the Temple of Poseidon. Built during the 5th century BC, this temple was established in honor of the god of the sea. Apart from its importance in Greek history and culture, the Temple of Poseidon is built on the top a cliff, offering tourists a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

Another prime tourist destination in the Attica Peninsula is the ancient town of Ramnous. Apart from the two temples located in this town which dates about the same time as the Temple of Poseidon, tourists can also visit the Tomb of the Marathon Warriors which is just situated nearby. It was in this area where the Athenians defeated the Persians in the War of Marathon in 490 BC. In honor of the battle, this has long been the traditional starting point for annual marathon tournaments held in Greece.
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