Pisa, a city in Tuscany, is situated at the central part of Italy. The city is predominantly placed by the Arno River, located at the mouth of Ligurian Sea. Since the city is situated at the mouth of the river, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and humid whereas the winters get a bit cold. The city also experiences mild showers and cool humid breeze during spring and autumn. The maximum temperature witnessed by the city is 30 degree Celsius and the minimum is around 2 degree Celsius. The city is most visited for its splendid tourist attractions. Leaning tower, the world famous exemplary of art and architecture situated at Piazza Del Duomo. In fact, Piazza Del Duomo is one of the most visited spots in Pisa as it also houses the famous Duomo, Cathedral, Camposanto Monumentale and the Baptistery. Other famous spots are Knights’ Square, wherein Palazzo della Carovana with his fascinating facade was built by Giorgio Vasari. Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri’s church is yet another beautiful spot ought to be visited. The church reserves the remains of naval wars between the St. Stephan’s Knights and Turks between 16-18 century. Church of St. Frediano built in 1601 boasts interior in basilica and three eminent aisles. It also has reserves of the artists belonging to 16th century like Aurelio Lomi, Domenico Passignano, and Ventura Salimbeni etc. Church of San Nicola built during the initial 10th century was designed by Giovanni Pisano. Some of the eminent paintings in the church include that of Madonna with Child and the saint himself, St. Nicholas Saving Pisa from the Plague.
Things to See in Pisa: - The Leaning Pisa Tower
- The Duomo (Cathedral)
- Campo dei Miracoli
- The Baptistery
- The Cemetery
- Cavalieri square
- Arno river
- Museums
- And More...