San Gimignano is a small medieval hilly town located at Siena, Tuscany in the northern province of Italy. The city is famous for its beautiful churches. The two most visited churches are Collegiata and Sant’Agostino which houses rich paintings and art from the great renaissance period. The communal palace, home to Town gallery is replete with the famous work by artists like Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Pinturicchio, Filippino Lippi, Benozzo Gozzoli, Domenico di Michelino etc. The Town’s heart is often referred to the four world famous squares, Piazza Duomo where Collegiata is situatd, Piazza delle Erbe Piazza Pecori and Piazza della Cisterna. Piazza del Duomo is a famous building and is a home to impressive paintings of knights and Charles of Anjou interacting with his falconers. Piazza della Cisterna, as described by many as the historic heart of San Gimignano is a triangular shaped center. The center has two very famous towers, Torri Ardinghelli and Torre Del Diavolo. Montestaffoli Fortress, another famous attraction of the city is known for its beautiful scenarios offered. The beautiful scenes of Elsa valley and vineyards look absolutely fine from the top of the fortress. Since the city is situated atop the hill, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by extremities in temperature. The maximum temperature is recorded around 30 degrees Celsius and minimum hits around 2 degree Celsius. Spring and autumn are the best and most pleasant seasons experienced by this city. These seasons are best for visitors as the city experiences cool climate with frequent rainfalls.Interesting note; many visitors credit San Gimignano to offer some of the best Gelato (ice cream) in the world.