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Anne Frank House
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Anne Frank House

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The Anne Frank Huis (Anne Frank House) is a historical building that teems with the stories of struggle and inspiration of the eponymous diarist.


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This wartime hideout of the Jewish family in 1635 housed Anne and her family during World War II. Years after the publication of her diary, the house was converted into a biographical museum. Today, it stands at 263 Prinsengracht with artifacts and documents that retell the account of the Holocaust.

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Pages from Anne Frank's diary.
Pages from Anne Frank's diary. [Report image]

Visitors to the museum will get to see the secret annex where Anne and her family spent their exile for more than two years. Most of the house was preserved as it was during the wartime, including Anne’s room and her memorabilia. It also holds a heartbreaking story of the fifteen-year-old girl who died two months shortly before the end of the war. It also has some receipts of the war, including photographs, documents, and even film images.

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The Anne Frank House is just one of the many historic museums that Amsterdam houses. It logs several visitors that register to around 1.3 million in December 2019. This museum ascends in a series of steep stairs that may not be accessible for people with difficulty in walking.

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