The Peterhof Palace is a former summer residence of the Russian tsars on the Gulf of Finland in Peterhof, about 25 km west of Saint Petersburg.

The complex was built on the occasion of the Russian victory in the Great Northern War based on the architectural model of the Palace of Versailles and based on designs by Peter the Great. The palace and park were built in several sections from 1715 to 1755 according to plans by Johann Friedrich Braunstein, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond, Nicola Michetti and Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli in the Baroque style. 

In the Second World War, Peterhof was destroyed by the German Wehrmacht and then rebuilt by Soviet restorers. The ensemble, also known as the “Russian Versailles”, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990 and one of the Seven Wonders of Russia since 2008.