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La Mesquita
The prime attraction of Cordoba in Andalucia, Spain is La Mesquita, also known as the Great Mosque. With architecture that has flavors of Egyptian, Syrian, Roman and Gothic styles, Cordoba's Mesquita attracts about 1.5 million visitors annually and claims to be the third largest worship place in the world. The mosque has not only borne several modifications to its original structure over the years, it has also been a witness to changes and fusion of both the Occident and Caliphate in Cordoba. The mosque is most famous for its white and red arches that rest on 856 columns.

Around 785 A.D, Abd al-Rahman I decided to construct a mosque and it went for almost 200 years. Then somewhere between 833 A.D and 852 A.D, Abd al-Rahman II gave orders for enlargement of the mosque. Around 962 A.D, successor to the Caliphate, Abd al-Rahman III, led further reforms which included construction of a new minaret... read more arrow
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Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter (“Juderia”) is situated around the “Mezquita”; it brings you into an entirely different atmosphere and is one of the most pleasant parts of the city of Cordoba. It boasts narrow streets with nice shops and delicious restaurants. In the evening, Juderia is all lit up. Stroll through the most famous street in this district, "Calle Judios," and visit the synagogue; it's one of the few in Europe that dates back to the medieval period.

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