El Teleférico de Madrid

Madrid, Comunidad, Spain
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The entrance to the Teleférico is located on Paseo del Pintor Rosales. It is accessible from the Arguelles metro stop. It is open every day from the first week of April to the second week of September. During the winter months it only runs on weekends and holidays. Price for an adult round-trip ticket is approximately 5€ ($7). The price is reduced for children and seniors. One-way tickets cost less.

The Teleférico de Madrid is a cable car ride that takes you through 2.5 km of Madrid's city center. It was inaugurated in 1969, by the then mayor of Madrid. The route takes you from Paseo del Pintor Rosales and drops you down at Casa de Campo, Madrid's most popular park. The journey takes about 11 minutes. The Teleférico de Madrid has 80 cars, each which hold five passengers. Over 200,000 people use it per year. The city of Madrid is now promoting it both as a green form of transport as well as one that takes you above the city's traffic.

The Teleférico journey takes you over some of Madrid's most famous attractions. First is West Park then the Principe Pio Railway Station. After that it flies over the chapels of San Antonio de la Florida. It crosses the Manzanares River and enters Casa de Campo. At its terminus is a restaurant and café.

First time visitors to Madrid in Spain should avail themselves of this unique form of transportation that provides a bird's eye view of the city.
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