Part of the Golden Triangle in Madrid is the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Museum. Inaugurated in 1992 by King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sofía, is known for showcasing 20th century work. The building designed in the 18th century by the architect Sabatini, has undergone several transformations. It was an artistic monument which was made into a national museum in 1988. Located near the Atocha roundabout directly opposite the botanical garden and in close proximity to the Prado Museum makes it a scenic delight with its attractive location. Today it is marked as the most important contemporary museum in the world as it bases Picasso's best painting 'Guernica' that artistically portrays the Spanish Civil war and the bombing of the town. This painting also reflects the history of Madrid placing it of greater importance. Another popular piece by Picasso is the Woman in Blue. All the pieces of art are housed between four floors, where two floors are for temporary exhibitions and two others for permanent treasures focused on abstract, minimal art and pop themes. Some of the other popular artists and their works featuring here include Jose Solana (Gathering at the Café Del Pombo), Juan Gris, Miro (Portrait II), Salvador Dali (Landscapes at Cadaques) amongst others. While there, peak into the art library specialized in 20th century art and archives in the museum complex with over 10000 books and take a break at the memorable shop and restaurant.