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Playa Mayor

Madrid, Comunidad, Spain
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Plaza Mayor reflecting monumental Madrid, Spain, is the center of the city. Originally known as Plaza Del Arabal, was redesigned after a series of fires. Juan De Villanueva was the architect responsible for reconstructing the building in 1790. Following this episode, the Plaza has undergone several names - Plaza Real, Plaza De La Constitucion, and Plaza De La Republica until it was finally named as Plaza Mayor. A symmetrical square in design, the Plaza Mayor measures 129 by 94 meters. It is surrounded by residential buildings with 237 balconies that overlook it. With nine entrances, it is poplar for the frescos that glamour all the interiors. The Casa de La Panaderia which serves for municipal and cultural functions is a symbolic establishment here.

In the past, the Plaza Mayor was a meeting point for traders, Royal coronations, bull fighting, executions, performances, soccer games etc. Now the square is a key platform for buyers and sellers of old coins and stamps, making it an important trade activity. Today, the building is occupied by shops, restaurants and bars and the square used for town festivities like Christmas or Easter with more than 50000 people attending the celebrations. The Plaza Mayor is home to the world's oldest restaurant (1725), Sabrino De Botin, as per the Guinness Book. The square has a statue of Philip III, a dedication for completing this structure.

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