The Puerta Del Sol surrounds the city since the 15th century and is one of the most popular and busiest locations, not just amongst tourists but also with the local Madrilènos. Translating in Spanish as the Gate of the Sun, it is the center from where Madrid Roads are measured and is facing the East direction. Hence this is point zero or kilometer zero for road measurements in the city.

The Puerta Del Sol is a square that houses the renowned clock, of which the bells depict the traditional eating of twelve grapes and the start of a new year. This is the occasion when thousands of people gather to celebrate this moment. It also has the famous statue of a bear climbing the madroño tree, depicting Madrid's sign and the statue of Charles III of Spain, popular for his public works program. Besides, popular buildings and landmarks are in this landmark, namely the Old Post Office (used by the President of Madrid's office, the head of the regional Government). It has been the site of several protests and demonstrations to curtail violence, terrorism, and involvement in the Iraq war.

The square located at Madrid's center also has a public transport system here connecting several parts of Madrid. The popularity of the location has given rise to a growing number of shops, restaurants and bars, all that service from early in the morning to late night, ensuring popularity amongst tourists and the locals.