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Top 2 Tourist Attractions in Israel

Popular Israel landmarks and tourist spots

  • Old Walled Jerusalem thumbnail
    Part of the old fortress wall in Jerusalem.
    If you are heading to Jerusalem, you are heading towards the capital and the largest city in Israel. Jerusalem is located in the Judean Mountains, and you'll find it between the Mediterranean Sea and the tip of the Dead Sea. This is an area that holds much of the history of the main religions present in this world ...

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  • 2 Dead Sea

    7 /10
    Dead Sea thumbnail
    A coastal area of the Dead Sea.
    The Dead Sea, from the Arabic 'Yam ha-Melah' meaning 'Sea of Salt') is a large salt lake located in the Middle East between Israel, Jordan and the West Bank of the Judean Desert in Palestine. It is located in the deepest depression of the Earth, generated over the millennia due to the evaporation of its waters not compensated by those of tributaries, which is also the cause of its high salinity ...

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