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The city of Jerusalem is one of the most popular cities in the world. As the capital city of the country of Israel, the city of Jerusalem has been hailed as one of the oldest established cities in the world that continues to thrive to this very day. Situated along the Judean mountains, this magnificent city hold a rich cultural and historical heritage that date back to as far back as the Fourth Millennium BCE.

Jerusalem is primarily a holy city. It is perhaps the only city in the world that is considered to be such by three of the most practiced religions in the world: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It is no wonder then that practically every single part of the city, particularly the Old City, holds some integral religious significance.

Travelers visiting the city of Jerusalem are taken back in time as they enter the city’s walls. Everywhere you turn, you are sure to come across churches and other religious sites that have been constructed many centuries ago. One of the most visited parts of the city of Jerusalem remains to be the Western Wall. Recognized as the only remaining structure of the Second Temple constructed by Herod the Great around the 19th century BCE, the same Herod mentioned in the Bible who was responsible for the death of John the Baptist and one of those that interrogated Jesus of Nazareth.

Apart from its religious significance, the city of Jerusalem is also home to some of the finest museums that boast some of the finest examples of artifacts and artworks in Israel, providing the millions of travelers visiting these museums a glimpse into the way daily life of the ancient Jews.

Jerusalem is one of the most sacred cities, after Mecca, for Islam. Therefore the status of the city, especially East Jerusalem, has been source of conflict between Palestinians and Israel.
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