One of the most popular, most powerful, and breath-taking waterfall in North America comes off of the Columbia Glacier near Jasper, Alberta, Canada, and is known as the Athabasca Falls. At a width of 18 feet, the Athabasca Falls plummets from approximately 80 feet, but the height is not the predominant feature of this magnificent waterfall – it is the force at which it plunges due to the vast amount of water flowing over the falls that amazes and delights visitors. It is considered a 'Class 5' waterfall, which is based on the volume of water flowing over the ridge, and forming the Athabasca River. Athabasca Falls is about 15 miles south of Jasper, Alberta, near the Columbia Glacier, and is a short walk from the parking area. It is along the Icefields Parkway. Athabasca Falls is one of many beautiful waterfalls around the world formed from a glacier trough. Athabasca Falls is considered to be a 'Segmented' type of waterfall, which means that distinctly separate flows of water form as it tumbles down over the ridge. The predominant activity around Athabasca Falls is, of course, sightseeing and photography; however there are some great seasonal activities offered that are exciting and interesting for the visitor. This magnificent waterfall provides a picturesque background for great photographic pursuits for both the novice and the expert photographer; in addition, the surrounding terrain provides a great location for hiking and sightseeing. In the winter months, a cross-country skiing trail is nearby for the skiing enthusiast, snowboarding is available, snowmobile trails are also nearby; in the summer, mountain biking is available, and whitewater rafting provides the visitor access to even more scenic sites. This is also one of the most scenic picnic spots in the area, with great view of the mountains in the background.