The Canadian Rocky Mountains grant visitors some of the most spectacular vistas in the world, and Suphur Mountain is one such location, overlooking Banff, Alberta. Sulphur Mountain is not only magnificent, but the home of two research facilities: a meteorological observatory and research station that opened in 1903, and the Cosmic Ray Station that opened in 1978. Views of the Bow Valley are spectacular from the summit of Sulphur Mountain. There are a number of activities available around the Sulphur Mountain area, such as: 1. The Gondola Ride is an enclosed four-passenger gondola rising to the Summit Upper Terminal during an eight minute journey. Panoramic views from the voyage up to the summit become more remarkable as the gondola progresses up the mountainside. 2. The Winter Wonderland Playground near the base of the Gondola, opened February 2010, contains an outdoor skating rink, a Starbucks, and beautiful gathering area complete with seating and a fire pit. This is a great place to visit with family and friends and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 3. The Banff Skywalk provides a half mile walkway along the summit ridge to the Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site providing spectacular views of the valley below. 4. Additional amazing sites around this area are the wildlife, such as the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Hoary Marmots, elk, moose, deer, squirrels, and numerous birds. Sulphur Mountain provides not only impressive and amazing scenery, but some excellent activities allowing visitors to enjoy one of the most amazing sites in Canada.