The Fort Edmonton Park, in Edmonton, Alberta, is the largest history museum in Canada. This park covers a variety of old and new structures that will keep you amazed and entertained at the same time. The old fort located near the Alberta Legislature Building had seen better times and there was a difference of opinion among the people whether this structural place should be removed completely or it should be conserved for historic purposes. And after the Second World War, it was finally decided to construct a theme park which gave the people of Edmonton something to be proud of. Work continued for a very long time and access to the fort and other parts of the park was improved with time, making the Fort Edmonton Park one of the greatest combination of history and architectural art in the whole of Canada. The park has been divided in four areas. The area of 1846, the area of 1885, the area of 1905 and the area of 1920. Visitors have the options of taking a steam train or a horse carriage up to the different areas and then proceed on foot to get a better experience. There are interpreters that can give you all the information on the Fort Edmonton Park and its historical beauty.