The Muttart conservatory is a botanical garden located in the Saskatchewan River valley in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is a superb combination of architectural art and nature which attracts tourists from all over the world on regular basis.

The structures are basically four large glass pyramids that have been designed to display tropical and temperate plants species found in three different biomes (temperate, arid and tropical). You will be able to find species that are native of Australia and even of Asian regions as well. This is a very wonderful place to visit in the winter months because of its climatic conditions.

The tropical pyramid offers a great variety of palms, banana and fig trees, and many kinds of orchids that are grown in tropical climates all over the world.

The smaller pyramids offer seasonal displays of all kinds of seasonal flowers, and these keep on changing in accordance with the seasons. This floral display is unique and a must-see for all.

The Muttart Conservatory is being run by the City of Edmonton, and it offers facilities for people to learn more about the care of their plants by running special courses on these issues. There is a gift shop which offers a great variety of ornamental plants that you can buy, and the maintenance of the place is very impressive.