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Oil Sands Discovery Centre

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Since oil sands are important to the economy of Canada? The Oil Sand Discovery Centre is certainly a destination, located in Fort McMurry, Alberta, that provides some fascinating information about the science and technology utilized in Alberta's Oil Sands.

Opening in 1985, this center is in the heart of the world's largest oil deposit, and has a fascinating display providing the Oil Sands Story, and many programs and events. The Oil Sands story contains these components:

1. The Resource – explains why this is the largest oil reserve in the world, with an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 trillion barrels of oil in the surrounding area.

2. Mining the Oil – demonstrates the use of the large scale commercial machinery used for the open pit mining essential to successful operation of the complete oil recovery process.

3. Extraction – explains the hot water extraction technique originally used to separate the oil from the oil sands through the newest techniques used today.

4. In situ - gives details of how methods used to recover the oil, including drilling and steam methods, in addition to the challenges in this process.

5. Upgrading – is an exhibit demonstrating the process for processing for refining the oil sand into the various petroleum products.

6. The Environment – explains the complexity of eco-systems that are affected by the mining practice and ongoing improvements in protecting the environment.

The Oil Sands Discovery Center is truly informative and interesting and is a destination that visitors will enjoy.

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