Peyto Lake (Pea-toe) is located 90 km off Banff in Alberta, Canada, near Icefield Parkway. The Lake is named in the memory of Ebenezer William Peyto (1869-1953), a trail guide who was one of the best guides in the Canadian Rockies. Peyto Lake is formed around the valleys of Waputik Range, and it is between the Peyto Peak, Caldron Peak and the Mount Jimmy Simpson that is elevated at 1, 860m (6,100 ft). Peyto Lake is just one of the many scenic locations that are found near the Icefield, and in the neighboring town of Lake Louise. To get a view of the magnificent lake, there is a viewing area off the parkway and it is well posted with signs for visitors to easily see. The Bow summit is the highest point off Icefield Parkway and this offers a more excellent view of the lake. The lake is situated on the valleys surrounded by rich forest and majestic mountains. The color of the lake, which is a breathtaking blue-green, in the summer, is fed by the Peyto Glacier (that is to the left of the viewing point). The richness of color is because of the mineral content present in water. Since in the summer, there are always a significant number of glacial rocks that flows onto the lake, the remaining suspended particles of different size rock gives shine to the lake. This gives the lake a beautiful illumination and makes it totally unique.