Gwaii Haanas National Park and Haida Heritage site in British Columbia, Canada, stretches on 1470 sq km area or about 15% of Queen Charlotte Islands. It is located approximately 100 km from the main British Columbia coast and comprises of 138 islands. These islands are inhabited by Haida who are famous for their rich culture and legendary existence since ancient times. In 1958, this area was declared as a provincial park and 1988 saw its merger with the national park system. There are no roads in the Gwaii Haanas area. There are no stores or fueling stations. Access to the area is limited to airplane and boat. The marine environment over here is extremely rich in protein content and the Queen Charlotte Islands has abundance of flora and fauna including some endemic species which have actually evolved here. There are base-camps established at points of interest. Watchmen are available at these locations to provide you with information about the living Haidi culture. You may find that Gwaii Haanas is a place you can visit to relax and get away. It is a place you can go to camp in a way not enjoyed in most urban parks. There are precautions that you should take if you are not experienced in these activities. The area is known for fog, wind and waves. On the park's website you will find a three step process recommended preparing all visitors.