Butchart Gardens is considered as one of the beautiful gardens situated at Brentwood Bay, near the city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The garden claims to entertain millions of visitors every year. Butchart Gardens was owned by Robert Pim and Jennie Butchart, husband and wife team that settled in the west coast. Their primary objective was to take advantage of the rich limestone deposits that they needed for their cement production, since Butchart's main business was manufacturing of Portland cement, which they opened in Owen Sound, Ontario in 1888.
In 1904, Butchart family home was finally established near the quarry located at Tod inlet, Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island. The year 1906 is the time that the Butchart first created their Garden in Japanese style. Then as soon as the quarry was finally exhausted on 1909, Jennie Burchart turned the quarry into a Sunken Garden. When the garden was completed on 1921, they opened it to the general public for viewing. Major changes happened thereafter and in 1926 they turned the tennis court into an Italian Garden. Later in 1929 the rose garden blossomed after they transformed their kitchen. Monumental improvements were added throughout the years and mostly to commemorate the Gardens birth. Underground wiring was created during the 50th anniversary, followed by Ross Fountain that was inaugurated on the 60th anniversary, and in 2004 30-foot totem poles were installed to celebrate the 100th years of Butchart Gardens. Up to this day, the Garden still remains with the family and is managed by the great-granddaughter of Burchart.