One of the most fascinating places in North America is Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, not only for the beauty of the place but also because of the interesting activities that are available there. The Songhees were an indigenous tribe that lived here until Fort Victoria was built around 1843 and 15 years later when gold was discovered, this became very popular for those seeking their fortunes. There are so many activities in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that it just can to be experienced and enjoyed over several days. Such activities include: 1. The Butchart Gardens that was started in 1906 when Jennie Butchart tired of seeing the limestone quarry in her backyard and began bring in plants from around the world. With over 50 acres of gardens, it is said there is at least one type of every flowering plant is here. 2. The Royal British Columbia Museum is located across form the harbor and has exhibited some of the most incredible displays as well as the art in the standing galleries. 3. A unique Pacific Undersea Garden is a floating aquarium where visitors can see a variety of fish, eels, octopus, sea urchins, various sea plants, and other marine life. 4. The entomologists will enjoy the Victoria Bug Zoo – a fascinating little zoo that is home to a variety of insects and spiders –the brave souls in the crowd can even pick up the tarantulas and other species. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has these and many more activities for all visitors to enjoy.