This history museum was dubbed royal by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986. The history museum is the home to three permanent galleries and an IMAX theater. It is located in the tourist district between the Empress Hotel and the Legislature Building in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The third floor is the home of Century Hall. This permanent gallery gives visitors a look at the history of the past century. The gallery tour concludes with a walk down a replica early 20th century cobblestone street. The street is complete with a number of the time's features including a silent movie theater. The First Peoples permanent gallery is also located on the third floor. This gallery shares the history of life before and after contact with European people. There is a collection of artifacts and other materials to inform and engage visitors. The natural history permanent gallery is located on the second floor. This gallery shares life-size examples of diverse geography. It is also known for its life-size wooly mammoth. Recently a section on climate has been added. One of the temporary offerings available for viewing when this was written was the Coast Salish First Nations. It included art produced by those peoples. If you have questions about what temporary offerings are available in the galleries or on the screen you can visit the Museum's website or contact them.