Situated in the Fitzsimmons Range in British Columbia, Canada, the Whistler Mountain is originally called as London Mountain. This awe-inspiring mountain range covers 4500 acres of terrain ski flip, which is proudly defined as one among the highest ski resorts in North America. Whistler is most familiarly known during summer months, since Mountain Bike Community visit here to have real fulfillment in this Mountain Bike Park. On making your visit here, you can enjoy fun-filled activities such as dining, cross country skiing, heli skiing, snow shoeing, skiing, ice skating, mountain biking, fishing, biking, shopping, horseback riding, helicopter riding, swimming, nightlife, parasailing, fishing, kayaking, snowmobiling and many more. It offers absolute enjoyment whereby you would still need time more than what you have planned actually. If you love riding, then bring your flair at this natural habitat area. Your riding will become endless, since the Whistler Mountain has incredible terrain to travel around. Being the best mountain bike park, it has captivated the traveler's attention and serves as a paradise of ride buffs. With no doubt, the Whistler Mountain is riding friendly and it features tenable storage areas and as well the shops having most mellifluous rides.