The WAG or Winnipeg Art Gallery was setup in 1912. Its purpose is to collect and display works of artists from Manitoba, Canada as well as from renowned international artists. The building itself is a work of art, shaped like an arrow head. It is situated at equal distance from the provincial legislature and the University. Over 23000 works form the permanent collection at the Gallery, which is really again a misnomer, as a gallery this large is surely a museum. It also has the distinction of being the first public/civic art gallery of Canada. The origin of the building is quite an inspiring story. A group of businessmen from Winnipeg each contributed $200 in 1912 to form the WAG. They were sure that art has 'a civilizing effect' and they began this institution of excellence with 2 rented rooms in the Federal Building that lies on the corner of Main and Water Streets. The visionaries at the WAG wanted it to be famous destination to excite people with art. It is the best visual arts museum among the many different kinds of museums in Manitoba. It aims to enrich culture through art preservation, exhibitions, education, and networking like-minded people who want to collaborate and improve the visual arts. The visionaries also believed that art is an integral part of life, and they wanted new ideas, absolute excellence, financially sustainable art that's artistic yet economic, inclusion of artists from all communities and countries and most importantly they wanted to build lasting and trusted relations.