Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is located in Jourimain Island within the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area, which is officially operated by the Canadian Wildlife Service to create awareness engaging visitors on environmental conservation. The centre is operated by a not for profit organization with facilities reflecting the functioning of green buildings. This centre organizes walking trails and beach walks for visitors keen on bird watching or observers of natural wealth. Admission to the centre is based on a fee which permits access to the exhibition halls, the trail system, observation tower and any other ongoing program if available. Through this centre, it aims to create a deeper understanding of the history of Cape Jourimain and create public awareness around the same. At the centre you have the opportunity to view the Confederation Bridge as well as the Northumberland Strait coastline. Further you can soak in the beauty of nature at its best with the memorable exhibits and the legendary light house that is located here. The exhibit hall on natural history has displays on local history as bird carvings of 12 bird species. The human history hall has exhibits on archeology, fishery, plans, and weapons to name a few. For visitor's information purposes, there is an Interpretation Centre for use. The centre provides shuttle services to Prince Edward Island for you to explore the sights or you could savor the cuisine of Iceboat Landing Restaurant. Keen shoppers may find the Salicornia Boutique a great place to take home more memories.