The Northumberland Straight provides a magnificent setting for Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada and visitors to the area will have some great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, see the magnificence of the area, and learn about the rich culture and history. Home for centuries to the Mi’kmaqs, this is quite the historic area with numerous activities for travelers to enjoy.

Bouctouche, has a vast array of activities for guests to this area, including:

1. One of the unique sites was started by Antonine Maillet and is called Le Pays de la Sangouine to celebrate the Acadian people with a representation of their lives and culture so prevalent in this area.

2. Every kid loves climbing around on sand dunes, and the Irving Eco-Center: La Dune de Bouctouche provides the chance for tourists to play on the six miles of sand dunes and learn about preserving these natural wonders. There’s also a salt march that visitors can walk around.

3. For the adventurous soul who loves bears, Little Big Bear Safari provides a means for guests to see these incredible large black bears as they interrelate in their native setting, and for those lucky enough to come during springtime look for the baby cubs.

4. Everyone has a unique topic that just fascinates them, and the Olivier Soapery Museum tells visitors more than they could imagine about the history of soap.

For visitors just wanting to escape the busy bustling life, Bouctouche provides a wonderful place to rejuvenate the spirit.