Pays de la Saguouine is a village recreated to showcase a still from an older time with actors in costumes playing historic characters. This was created by Antoine Maillet, a well known Acadian novelist and playwright. Her motivation was to understand the lives of Acadian's and write them as novels based on her understanding. To this she has written over 40 of them as the village continues to showcase the audience with a truth of Acadian life that is not just educational but also entertaining. Here in this village, visitors will experience a different time and period while they put their hands in Acadian cooking at La T'chuisine des Mathilda or the musical strings of playing Acadian instruments at La cabane des T'chuillères. Further visitors will be charmed by the musical performances at the performance grounds. Visitors may opt to visit the house for listening to the tales of Acadians by Les Chicaneuses, or understand the fishing trades. In addition to these sections there are ongoing games and food all day being served here. The village is located at Bouctouche and has grown with immense popularity. Today the village receives over 68000 visitors every season. Hence with the use of music, dances, comedy and colorful characters Antoine Millet has been showcasing the culture of Acadia at its best. Given the Acadian linkage of both English and French dialects, visitors may opt to enjoy these informative and rich English presentations and shows as per their convenience and understanding.