The Acadian Historical Village also known as Village Historique Acadian is a living location that seeks to reflect its history, lifestyle, culture and background. Located at Rivière-du-Nord in New Brunswick, this village was opened for tourism in 1977 by visionaries who seeked to generate revenue from this beautiful location through tourism in a unique manner and provide employment to people with developmental disabilities who could contribute with full time jobs. The village is spread over 32 acres of land, with a mix of original and restored 18 and 19 century buildings belonging to the Acadian community. With the use of period costumes, visitors are shown the culture as well as life of Acadia from 1770 to 1890. The backdrop of the village is a rural settlement, with several typical architecture used for their homes, farmsteads, mills, tavern, blacksmith shop, general store, chapel, school amongst others. Here you have the opportunity to see unique buildings with wooden pegs, walls made of mud, high peaking roof tops, cypress timbers for rot and insect resistance to name a few. To keep the buzz of its tourism the village hosts functions and events with demonstrations and workshops on the traditional skills like soap making, haying or perhaps horse shoeing. The village is open to tourists from January to October as a self guided tour completed in one hour. So don't forget to picture yourself in these settlements and go home with authentic Cajun like Mardi gras beads for a part of Louisiana.