Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick in Canada and is an important tourist destination now. It is one of the major urban centres in Southern New Brunswick and has a strong IT and commercial sector. Lumber industry was popular in the olden times, but now it has given way to universities and provincial government, which are becoming the major sectors contributing to the economy of the city.

Fredericton is situated at the bottom of the St. John River and is rich in water resources. The rich arable soil makes it highly suitable for agriculture. The climate of Fredericton is humid continental with extreme temperatures. Blizzards, hurricanes, snow, and rain storms are not uncommon here.

The University of New Brunswick is named as the oldest public university in North America. The education system in Fredericton is highly advanced and there are many schools and colleges that have research centres as well. The population of the city was above 50,000 in the last decade but has registered a growth over the past few years.

Art and culture is very much alive in Fredericton. Proofs of this are the art galleries, ethnic restaurants, museums, theatres, and literary gatherings. The classical Victorian styled buildings can be still found in the city. The city’s transport facilities include an International Airport, roadways, rail services, and water transport as well. The airport is served by the Air Canada and Air Transat airlines.

The major attractions of Fredericton are the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Old Government House, Old Burial Ground, Christ Church Cathedral, O’dell Park, The Green, Lighthouse, Kingswood Park, and the Queen Square Park.