A national historic venue, the Historic garrison District is today a cultural and festive centre for Fredericton. Situated by the banks of the river, with a façade of wrought iron and stone fencing, this is a site that represents glory, drama and a biting reality of the region's military past. Celebrating the culture of the region with drama, music, artists, crafts and other entertainment, the district has changed the façade of its military past. The site is now bustling with concerts, theater festivals, films and story telling sessions that liven the atmosphere of the city. On going into the district you will be fascinated by the York Sunbury Museum, the Museum for School Days and the NB Hall of fame for sporting activities. You will be enthralled by the outdoor summer theatre, classic films, delights of the area with heritage walking tours, play the croquet at Barrack's square and most of all a legendary change of guards' ceremony that echoes the military glory. The small artillery shops in the district are now craft shops selling souvenirs and handicrafts. You can tour the guard House as well as the Officer's quarters. You can see children experience and be a part of a day in a soldier's life and feel the beats, stories and songs of Canadian armies. Here the kids are given the tunics to feel the glory of the uniforms, experience the drill instructions, share moments with the commanders and take home photos for their keep sake.