The magnificent St. John River Valley in New Brunswick is home to the historic settlement of Kings Landing, and provides an assortment of activities that depict the history of the area. When the Mactaquac Dam Project began, rather than allowing the original settlements to be flooded when the dam was completed, the original settlements were moved out of the area that would be flooded to the present location. There are numerous activities in the settlement that tell of the stories and culture of these earlier times and visitors will be delighted with the artifacts and trades of the citizens of the time. There is a selection of daily activities and annual events that visitors to Kings Landing will enjoy that include the following: 1. The “Fiddle Frolic and Fiddle Head” Festival in June each year celebrates the delicious fiddlehead fern, with music, food, other festivities. 2. The “Sugarbush” weekend celebrates the sweeter side of life with scrumptious maple candy, and that great maple syrup for the pancakes. 3. In July, the “Roll Out the Barrel” celebrates the forbidden fruits of the best wines with famed brew masters and great drinking songs. 4. The King’s Head Inn and the King’s Landing Family Restaurant provide great meals for everyone. 5. A variety of workshops are available teaching guests how to process flax seed, braid and hook rugs, process wool, bake in an open hearth, and make beautiful quilts. Truly Kings Landing allows visitors to step back in time and enjoy a simpler, quieter taste of life over 100 years ago.