Amongst the recreations of a New Brunswick towns, the Kings Landing Historical Settlement showcases the period from 1780 – 1910. Located in St John's River Valley, this town had a mix of Scottish, English and Irish settlers who formed the loyalists of the 18th century with life struggles yearning for a better life. It does not represent any single village but a collection of several locations to represent rural New Brunswick in that period. Today, with more than 70 buildings, new ones are being added every now and then. It is a live museum in addition to hosting several artifacts and collections. The interpreters not just explain the activities but also host demonstrations for clearer understanding. All the interpreters are dressed in period costumes and undergo daily chores, cooking etc as the visitors look on. Local shops also exist like the carpenter shop, blacksmith shop, print shop to name a few. The village reality is reflected to the extent that livestock is available in the barns like chicken and geese, all of which are used for even serving the visitors. One highlight in this settlement is the scheduling of special events like the Confederation debate between Charles Fisher and William Needham portrayed by actors to showcase controversies involved with Canada's formation. Here visitors are allowed to participate, vote and question to feel the intensity of the then debates and happenings. Indulge in a unique dining experience here and take home memories from the gift store for a lifetime.