If you looking to hit the beach between June and August, to soak in the summer, then the Parlee beach, the warmest salt water beach north of Virginia is the location to be. The Parlee beach is about one kilometer long with supervision for about 700 meters. Located on the East Coast of New Brunswick at Shediac it is one of the most visited and widely popular areas noted for its recreation activities. It is also a provincial park. Today more than 25000 visitors throng this beach on several days with the summer months counting upto more than 100000 visitors who come here during its long operating days from 8 am to 10 pm. With over 2000 cottages, the area provides adequate lodging facilities for this much sought after beach.
In the spring season, the beach is nourished to recover from the erosion of winter and storms that create all damage. During your visit to the Parlee beach, you are in the comforts of a restaurant, amphitheatre, changing rooms, playgrounds and other key facilities. With bed and breakfast joints, camping grounds in the vicinity along with other restaurants, the Parlee beach is a treat to visit in the summer. The beach organizes activities like volleyball tournaments, yoga classes, sand sculpture competitions, surfing events and triathlon amongst others. Other offbeat events include rugby and motorcycle rallies as well. The beach holds celebrations on New Brunswick day as well as on Canada Day which have a host of family driven activities.