The Halifax Citadel is a 19th Century military fort in the midst of a beautiful, lively city overlooking an amazing harbor. This old fort still maintains the steep masonry walls and stone lined underground rooms. It was completed in 1856, the fourth of the British Forts at this location. Currently, the complex has been restored and identified as a national historic site. There are several interesting things to see at this the Halifax Citadel that make the visit enjoyable, such as: 1. A 45 minute walking tour providing an abundance of historic information about the fort and its role as a key naval station during the height of the British Empire's reign. 2. The most obvious landmarks – the Town Clock that is the entrance to the fort. Look for the stairs just beneath this old clock because they continue above to the fort's entrance. 3. The signal flags also fly high above the Citadel over the corner ramparts. 4. For visitors there at noon, don't be startled by the firing of the cannon, and look for the precision drills in the parade square – complete with soldiers wearing the military uniform of the 1800s. The 78th Highlanders are part of this group; honoring the regiment who occupied the fort at 1869 for three years. The Halifax Citadel is a fascinating fort taking the visitor back in history when the British Empire was a major force in the world, and this fort was a key naval station.