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Halifax Attractions

Top 8 things to see and do in Halifax

  • Canada's National Museum of Immigration, Pier 21, is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the gateway of Canada's European immigration. During the summer Pier 21 is open seven days a week during business hours. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays during the winter. Prices are $8.50 for adults and $5 for children. There are special discounts for groups, seniors, and students. Parking is available and a free shuttle runs during the summer. It is located on Marginal Road, right on the waterfront.

    Pier 21 was a working immigration checkpoint from 1928 to 1971. It was a complex of buildings that would house new immigrants as well as connect them to the railway and the rest of Canada ...

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  • The Halifax Citadel is a 19th Century military fort in the midst of a beautiful, lively city overlooking an amazing harbor. This old fort still maintains the steep masonry walls and stone lined underground rooms. It was completed in 1856, the fourth of the British Forts at this location. Currently, the complex has been restored and identified as a national historic site.

    There are several interesting things to see at this the Halifax Citadel that make the visit enjoyable, such as:

    1. A 45 minute walking tour providing an abundance of historic information about the fort and its role as a key naval station during the height of the British Empire's reign ...

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  • An unforgettable five days in Halifax, Nova Scotia is during the Tall Ships Festival when spectacular sailing ships from all over the globe join in this world-class gathering. This is the time that Halifax inhabitants and visitors celebrate their rich nautical culture and diverse seafaring legacy. The finest entertainment is available while enjoying the parade of tall ships.

    Some of the main events that visitors to Halifax will delight in includes:

    1. The Parade of Ships is one of the most awe-inspiring sights that visitors can enjoy – seeing these amazing ships sail by leaves the visitors desiring to see more. Think about what life was like on one of these incredible vessels ...

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  • The Maritime Museum of Halifax allows the visitor to become immersed in the rich marine history from the museum's intriguing collection of articles from anchors to shipwrecks, barnacles, to sailing ships. This museum can keep the visitor engrossed in the many topics housed in the museum.

    There are several permanent and temporary exhibits in the Maritime Museum of Halifax, and include the following:

    1. Days of Sail Gallery depicts the golden age of Nova Scotia when shipbuilding and fishing were the main careers of the day. The story of Bluenose, the legendary grand banks schooner is featured along with four other epic sailing tales.

    2. Shipwreck Treasures tells tales of thousands of recorded shipwreck stories of vessels doomed off the shores ...

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  • The Province House is one of the Historical Sites to visit while in Prince Edward Island in Canada. Recognized as the birthplace of the Canadian Confederation, it has been the seat of the provincial legislature of Prince Edward Island since 1847. It was officially proclaimed as a National Historic Site in July 1983, and is currently under the protection and care of Parks Canada. Today, it remains to be the focal point of political decisions and activities in the region.

    The Province House is a landmark in Charlottetown and is situated at Great George Street, which has been designated as a National Historic Streetscape in the area ...

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  • The Halifax Public Gardens, officially built in 1867, are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This Victorian-era garden has some of the most beautiful plants, and trees, of any park on the continent. The many features to the gardens provide visitors many hours of delightful sights, aromas, flora, fauna, and sculptures to make them wonder where the many hours went while they were strolling through these beautiful grounds.

    There are many things to see and do in the Halifax Public Gardens while wandering through these several acres. The intent of the garden is reflected in the amazing variety of plants confined to the gardens including species from all over the world, in an abundance of colors and providing an array of fragrance ...

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  • The HMCS Sackville is the Naval Memorial in Canada, and is currently operated and maintained by the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust. The HMCS Sackville was originally established in order to maintain and preserve the HMCS Sackville, which is only one of the 120 corvette ships that were built in the country during the Second World War. Today, the HMCS Sackville not only serves as a model of the battleships used by Canada during World War II. It also serves as a living testament for the men and women who have served and continue to serve in the Canadian Naval Service.

    Thousands of locals and tourists head out to visit and walk through the HMCS Sackville each year, which is only opened to the general public only during the spring and summer months ...

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  • Several generations – both young and old alike – enjoy the Museum of Natural History in Nova Scotia, Canada. Visitors enjoy learning about their heritage, life as it has been for hundreds of years, the ecological aspects of the local environment, and the animals that roamed the wide open spaces of the region. There are many very interesting topics to interest visitors to this excellent museum.

    Some of the interesting topics and habitats that are part of the Museum of Natural History include the following:

    1. The Natural History of Nova Scotia provides their guests with a fascinating glance at the geology of the area, including the plants, animals, and the surrounding land and sea environments ...

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