An unforgettable five days in Halifax, Nova Scotia is during the Tall Ships Festival when spectacular sailing ships from all over the globe join in this world-class gathering. This is the time that Halifax inhabitants and visitors celebrate their rich nautical culture and diverse seafaring legacy. The finest entertainment is available while enjoying the parade of tall ships. Some of the main events that visitors to Halifax will delight in includes: 1. The Parade of Ships is one of the most awe-inspiring sights that visitors can enjoy – seeing these amazing ships sail by leaves the visitors desiring to see more. Think about what life was like on one of these incredible vessels. 2. In addition, the Highland Games and Scottish Festival celebrates all facets of Scottish history and culture including many of popular games such as the Stone Put, the Hammer Throw, and the most popular Caber Toss. Dancing, Bagpipes, and Drumming are well-liked by all. 3. The Atlantic Jazz Festival is a very enjoyable celebration of Canadian music with over 450 local, national, and international performers. 4. One aspect that everyone enjoys is the abundance of good food and plenty of drinks to choose from. It's impossible to leave famished because of the great culinary selections available. The Tall Ships Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is one of the most enjoyable festivals in the summer months.