The HMCS Sackville is the Naval Memorial in Canada, and is currently operated and maintained by the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust. The HMCS Sackville was originally established in order to maintain and preserve the HMCS Sackville, which is only one of the 120 corvette ships that were built in the country during the Second World War. Today, the HMCS Sackville not only serves as a model of the battleships used by Canada during World War II. It also serves as a living testament for the men and women who have served and continue to serve in the Canadian Naval Service. Thousands of locals and tourists head out to visit and walk through the HMCS Sackville each year, which is only opened to the general public only during the spring and summer months. This is because during the winter months, this place is housed in the dockyard located at the CFB Halifax, one of the docks of the Maritime Forces Atlantic of Canada. As such, it is a site worth visiting in Canada if you plan to travel here for the summer. Visitors can choose to wander around the decks and inside the ship on their own or by joining any of the guided tours available. To get a feel of what it was like being stationed in the HMCS Sackville, head down inside the ship where you are able to visit the various areas which are highlighted with photographs, explanatory displays and even recordings to make the experience as real as possible.