The Maritime Museum of Halifax allows the visitor to become immersed in the rich marine history from the museum's intriguing collection of articles from anchors to shipwrecks, barnacles, to sailing ships. This museum can keep the visitor engrossed in the many topics housed in the museum. There are several permanent and temporary exhibits in the Maritime Museum of Halifax, and include the following: 1. Days of Sail Gallery depicts the golden age of Nova Scotia when shipbuilding and fishing were the main careers of the day. The story of Bluenose, the legendary grand banks schooner is featured along with four other epic sailing tales. 2. Shipwreck Treasures tells tales of thousands of recorded shipwreck stories of vessels doomed off the shores. 5000 shipwreck records are in the database along with 250 images, castaway stories, mysteries, and archeological maritime anomalies. 3. The CSS Acadia continues the same mystique setting them apart from early 1900 vessels. She was the first to assess Canada's northern coastlines and the ice-infested waters. She distinctly served in both World Wars as a patrol and escort ship. 4. The Age of Steam Gallery allows visitors a glimpse of the industrial age's maritime empire's iron and steel ships carrying thousands across the Atlantic. 5. The Titanic collection has the world's largest collection of artifacts from the sinking of this 'unsinkable' ocean liner in 1912. This Maritime Museum of Halifax provides the visitor many hours of fascinating artifacts, historical information, mysteries, archeological events, and stories of the rich maritime history of this amazing area.