One of the most beautiful areas in Nova Scotia is Joggins, located on the Bay of Fundy. This was an old coal mining town during the mid 1600s, and it was known for the coal it produced for two centuries. But even though coal provided income into the area, it is know for the fossil cliffs along its shoreline – rocks and fossils dating back millions of years. These fossils from the Coal Age are known as the best examples on the planet, and numerous books and papers have been written on the fossils found here. Even with the fossils and beautiful coastline, there are still plenty of activities to do in Joggins that visitors will enjoy, such as: 1. The Fossil Cliff Interpretation Centre is an interesting center for environmentally-conscious guests featuring exhibits, workshops, and eco-friendly information. They also feature guided tours along the fossil cliffs and beaches in the area. 2. With the Bay of Fundy in close proximity, visitors have a mixture of water-related activities, including kayaking, fishing, swimming, and sailing that are readily available. 3. There are an abundance of walking and hiking trails accessible nearby. 4. A selection of special events are held throughout the year, and since lobster is a main staple in this area, most feature a lobster boil that draws crowds from all over the area. 5. And don’t miss the memorial to the World War I, World War II, and Korean War veterans. Joggins is a great place to spend a family vacation and see some incredible sites.