Founded almost 130 years ago, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada is an interesting city with extreme temperatures ranging from below zero in the winter and into the 80s in the summertime – the record low was 51 below zero with the record high of 102 degrees. Amazing extremes for a town so far north, but the setting is spectacular and there are plenty of interesting things for the tourist to do.

With a long list of exciting and interesting things to do Yorkton, is a great place for tourists, and some of the activities in which they can participate are:

1. This town is situated in the Aspen Parkland eco-region and has an abundance of native flowers and plants to keep nature-lovers addicted to the area, and geologists fascinated by the Vermillion River Formations’ geological idiosyncrasies.

2. As with several other cities in this region, a division of the Western Development Museum is located here and shows the life of the pioneers who lived in the area over 100 years ago, complete with an authentic log cabin.

3. The Yorkton Armouries support both the Royal Canadian Artillery and the 64th Battery, which were military training facilities during the WWII.

4. During the winter when the weather is frigid, there are ample trails for snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, and other great winter sports.

5. Many visitors enjoy gambling, and the Painted Hand Casino is obliging with assorted games of chance.

Located in the Saskatchewan Plains, Yorkton, has many exciting environmental and entertaining goings-on for visitors.